Sunday, February 26, 2012

DIY Curtains

So I've been pretty busy in the bedroom this past month. Well, truthfully, it's always busy in the Church bedroom, but this past month I've been busy with things that are appropriate to share on the internet ;)

Take my new curtains. Aren't they purty? I made them last weekend!

Making curtains is seriously the easiest sewing project ever.  Not only are they easy to make, but it's cheaper to make your own than buying premade panels, and - the best part! - they're perfectly custom to your style and your space.

My house came with wood blinds that perfectly fit in every window, but they're just plain, white, and ordinary (Cupcake, anyone? One of my kids' favorite books lol), so we don't actually need curtains.  But trust me, you do need curtains.  They really dress up your space and they add texture and interest.  They make your room feel done.

If you don't want to buy some, or you have a fabric that you love, then definitely think about making your own.  This is actually my fourth curtain project to date, if that's any indication of how uncomplicated this project is. 

I made the curtains in my son's room:

...the panels in my daughter's nursery:

...and the window treatment in our upstairs bathroom:

And it's so EASY.

And so worth it.


If you're curious, here is a before - with the original panels from when we bought our house - and after, with the curtains I just made.


  1. Oh, wow! The pattern of your curtains in the first photo is very bohemian. And the curtains on your son’s bedroom have very playful colors, which match the other colors found in his room. The panels you made for your daughter’s room, on the other hand, match the tone of the walls. SUPER LIKE!

    Roxie Tenner