Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Not-So-Perfect Felt PlayHouse

While my husband was in New York mingling with an assorted crowd including Amy (whose on his list) and Nick from the band Karmin...

I was holding down the fort at home, trying to keep this little girl from developing a full fledged cold.

With a low fever, a bad cough and a runny nose, it was a tough job.

I thought maybe a craft would help.  Something to keep her and her brother occupied and busy.

So we headed to Hobby Lobby for lots and lots of felt.  $30 worth of felt.

Poor Em. She hated being in the store. I tried telling her we were there to buy a few things to help make her night better, but she couldn't see the forest from the trees. She wanted to go home. She needed a nap.

So while she napped, Narls and I cut and glued pieces of felt together to create a playhouse - one that could be easily tossed over and pulled off the dining room table.

The whole project caused me major agitation. I was trying to make it fast so it'd be ready when she woke up, and pieces were uneven and hot glue was everywhere.  It wasn't perfect.

"I think it's perfect, mom", Narls told me.  He didn't notice the crooked roof and overlapping corners and flimsy mailbox.  "I'm going to wake Emerson up because she's going to be so excited when she sees our playhouse!" 

Narls brought his sister down and he was right, she was overjoyed.  They played all night.  I don't even have any pictures because I was playing right next to them.  I guess it was me who couldn't see the forest from the trees. 

It doesn't have to be perfect to be perfect.


  1. That is such an awesome idea! I'm going to have to try it sometime!

  2. Girl, you are so creative. I know I have told you that a million times. Your family is lucky to have such an awesomely talented Mom :) <3

  3. This is amazing, and definitely perfect. Even Snowmeow thinks so.

  4. I swear though, she's the cutest little sick girl I've ever seen. Seriously you are so freakin' creative, I love all your ideas.

  5. Hell yes your felt playhouse is perfect!! Good job mama ;D
    Hope Em feels better soon, she is adorable even as a sicky-poo.

  6. How cool!! I love that you made it simple on yourself too, easy slip on and off. It's perfect Ami.

    Is she feeling all better now? I'm sending her good vibes to feel better soon.