Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wine, and Drag Queens, and Sleepovers, Oh My!

This past weekend was Jamie's bachelorette party.
It was planned by all of her bridesmaids and we kept the plans secret from her.
Because we're awesome like that ;)

The only part Jamie knew beforehand was that she had to wear an old bridesmaid dress.
Because that's always fun and not the least bit crazy, right? haha
Luckily she's up for anything and trusts us 100% so she threw on her dress with complete gusto.

The first half of the evening consisted of wine tasting at this absolutely perfect winery. We had cheese and chocolate and wine and we talked and laughed and drank wine.

The second half was even better, with drag queen bingo.
This bitch was HILARIOUS.

We had like three or four of our girls win bingos (not me though, which I'm still salty about) and seriously, we had the best time.

Then it was back to Kristy's house for a sleepover involving games, and presents and sex toys, and, of course, more cocktails.

Our bride was thoroughly surprised. And she had the best time. We all did. <3

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