Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Loving

It's already June.  I know you've probably heard this a thousand times already but seriously, this year is flying by.  Clay spent a whole weekend and detailed both of our vehicles, getting them ready for summer and he found this picture in his car:

It's us <3
At a Tigers baseball game, which was one of our very first dates way back in June 2002.

This month is the anniversary of when we met and started dating and fall in love.  Nine years ago. We were so young, so carefree.  We don't know the exact date we met or the exact day of our first date but we know they happened in June so we celebrate the entire month.  Our relationship started so easily and naturally that neither of us thought to remember those days. 

Those young, care-free days turned into a series of amazing months and then layers of sometimes-hard, sometimes-easy years.  We had our ups and our downs and throughout it all we grew and developed and molded and bent, but never broke.  We moved in together and had a son and then a daughter and then bought a house and then got married.  Not the most traditional route, I'll admit, but we've never shied away from doing things our way in our own time.

And throughout it all, one thing has not changed: the ease and naturalness of our relationship.  He is my best friend, truly my other half.  Happy anniversary Clay.  Nine years and counting.


  1. awww, love this! Happy Anniversary! <333


    I love you both. The kind of love you have is the kind of love I'm working toward. <3

  3. Happy anniversi-month. You guys are a modern day fairy tale couple <3 Your knight with the shining gas can.

  4. Really Ami? Way to go from a crazy coupon lady post to THIS ONE! I just put makeup on...for the first time in...well, a really long ass time. My eyes water profusely when I vomit, you know. ;P

    Happy Anniversary! Danny & I been together for 9 years too (in May), and married 4 (next week).