Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My boy had his first trip to the dentist and he did amazing.  Seriously, I was so proud of him.  There was a point where I thought we'd have to reschedule the appointment because Narls was initially very vocal that he would not be getting into the chair because he didn't want the dentist to "lift it so high that I can't get down".

But he eventually did, thanks to my husband's endless patience.  Clay talked to Narls like he was a little man and Narls listened intently.  The dentist was ever so patient, as well; he let Narls get used to the chair and the tools and the lights on his own time and answered all his questions without any baby talk or dumbing down.  Narls asked about the "magnifiers" on the dentist's glasses, told him he didn't want him to suck his tongue out of his mouth with the suctioner and remarked how the dentist's water tool reminded him of his water blaster at home.

He held on to Clay's hand the entire appointment and when it was over he thanked the dentist for getting rid of all his "plaque and gingivitis" and marched out to pick his prize.  The dentist shook his head and chuckled, clearly charmed with our yellow-haired boy- much like Clay and I are on a daily basis. 

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