Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

Wacky: adj \'wa-key\ : absurdly or amusingly eccentric or irrational : crazy, silly.

Yup, I had to look it up. Crazy I know quite well, but I'm more familiar with the WHY-ARE-YOU-LOOKING-AT-ME-LIKE-THAT?! and I-already-have-seven-cats-what's-one-more-going-to-hurt? kinds of crazy than I am with the silly, eccentric type.

I had to look this term up because my children had a Wacky Wednesday at their school and they were encouraged to dress in this manner.  So, me being me, I did a little moodboard with possibilities from their closet and planned outfits that were silly but still stylish and functional and somewhat matching. 

Em completely embraced her outfit but Narls? Not so much. 

I thought he could wear his skeleton pajamas under come camo shorts - BUT WAIT MOM, WE DON'T WEAR PAJAMAS TO SCHOOL. I know son, but it's a wacky day.  You're supposed to dress silly.  I'M WEARING MY JEANS.  There's nothing silly about jeans. Can you at least put them on backward?  NOPE.  Fine Narls, whatever; don't be silly then.  You'll be the only not-wacky child there.  OK.  AND I WANT TO WEAR MY DINOSAUR SHIRT.  That's not even silly. It's nerdy. This shirt would look better- it's bright and colorful.  NOPE, DINOSAURS.  AND I KNOW! HOW ABOUT I WEAR SOCKS ON MY HANDS?! BECAUSE THAT'S REALLY SILLY.

Fine.  Just dress yourself for all I care.

So he did. And was as happy as a clam.

Em didn't even know what to think about her brother's definition of wackiness.

But she came around, and convinced me to as well. 

Now that I think back on this, I wish I would have been more open to their choices from the beginning.  We all have different viewpoints of what we think is wacky and cool (and even nerdy) and I should always respect their selections.  I love that they beat to the rhythm of their own drums; why in the world would I fight so hard to make them move to my music then?   Lesson learned. 

Funny how the littlest people in my life are my biggest teachers.


  1. Lol omg, this made me laugh but it's all just oh so cute. Love their little whacky/nerdy outfits and how right you are, it's amazing how much we learn from our little buddies ;D

  2. The look Em is giving Narls is priceless. <3 these kiddos.