Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fortune Cookie

We had dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant today. The food here is so delicious; in fact, this is the place that made Clay a fan of Chinese food. And the service is just as exceptional.

Our kids love it as much as we do, which isn't surprising considering Em's been eating here since she was practically born. Sweet little side story: we stopped in for dinner when she was just a couple months old and that particular day she was whiny and fussy. The owner asked to hold her and remarked that her boys loved the broth of wonton soup at this age and would we mind if she fed Emerson a couple bites. We didn't, and Em immediately calmed down and started smiling and opening her mouth for more; she's been a fan of Chinese food ever since.

I asked her if she remembered her first bites of soup here two years ago and nope, she didn't.  But that's ok because I'll remember for her and remind her of this story when she's older.  Tonight she was still a bit sassy until the food arrived and then she started smiling and ate her her eggroll and the broth of her wonton soup and her shrimp-fried rice with the same abandon.  And her fortune cookie?  Well, it couldn't be more perfect for her.

That's our Em.

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  1. This post put a huge smile on my face! I love moments like this!