Thursday, April 21, 2011

When My Martha Meets My Bettie

Inspired by the local burlesque show I went to, I rediscovered my love for pasties. Specifically the kind you wear as opposed to the kind you eat.  I wanted to buy all the styles that were for sale during the performance but I was pretty hesitant at the $20/pair price tag.

I could make those myself, I thought.  And just like that my inner Martha Stewart channeled my inner Bettie Page and a DIY Pastie Craft Session was planned.  AND EVEN BETTER? I could make a pair for each of the girls going to Vegas as my present to them! A memento for our epic Vegas trip.

I gathered all my supplies at Joann's: tassels, sequins, zebra-print fabric, lace, pearls, ribbons, etc. Each pair was going to be handcrafted and perfectly unique to its intended wearer.

My wonderfully outspoken and flamboyantly sexy Mary Anne's pair was leopard velour with sequins and tassels.

Sweet and classy Cass' were made entirely of pearls, naturally. With perfect pink ribbons adorning them.

Sassy Cali, the perfect mix of royal and raunchy, got this sexy tartan pair.

 Jill, with her unique flare for fashion, sassy mouth and surprisingly sweet nature, totally reminds me of Lady Gaga.  And lucky Jill adores Gaga because she got these, which I modeled from a pair that Gaga famously wore.  

 Laura's were a fabulous mix of her favorites: ribbons, zebra-print, and the color green (which looks stunning on her).

And mine were pink and sparkly. Which if you know me at all, you already know that anything pink and sparkly is an instant favorite of mine.

We may or may not have a group picture of us all in Las Vegas wearing nothing but our pasties.  But if we did, I'd never post anything like that here ;)


  1. I love this. Love. Love. Love. These are fantastic. I love them all, but Cass' are my fav!! Awesome job!

  2. With all that's right in the world, this is far up on that list.
    I love them!!

  3. OMG Ami those are fucking badass! You amaze me every day and I think those should be a craft night project!

  4. Lmao! Amazing! You are so crafty. Love these. I wish I had a girlfriend like you IRL. I die.

  5. Only you could pull off the Bettie/Martha hybrid so amazingly well. I love, love, love mine, and I love how you drew from everyone's specific tastes and personality. <3