Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easy Like Easter Morning

Have you noticed a holiday trend with me? Every holiday that we've had, and I know there haven't been a ton since I started this blog (just Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day) but I've claimed them to be my favorite. And I was going to start this post with the acclamation that Easter is my favorite and I thought wait, they can't all be favorites.

But they are. Really.

Holidays make a normal everyday day more festive and delicious. And my love for them only increased after I had my babies; I enjoy teaching them the traditions that I grew up with up and creating new ones especially for our family.

Take these Easter baskets for example- they're the same baskets that held Narls' and Emerson's treats last year. My kids were ridiciously attached to these baskets and they've been playing with them since we got the Easter decorations out at the beginning of April.  So before bedtime, we set out the empty baskets and told our kids that the Easter Bunny would refill them with goodies after they fell asleep.

When I was a child, the bunny brought my brothers and I a new basket every year (which if you think isn't really that fabulous for the environment - way to reuse current-day Easter Bunny!).  But in all seriousness, my family is a different family than the one I grew up with and we're creating our own special traditions and that means the world to me.

This Easter was a particularly good one because it's the first one with my girl being a very active part; no more squishy baby observing from my arms.

Narls and Em - and even Snowmeow - loved their baskets. Almost as much as Clay and I loved filling them. We originally planned on taking a lunch date to Target during a weekday afternoon, but we weren't able to. And since we had the kids every other minute besides those spent working - and we both wanted to buy their Easter prizes - we made two separate trips.  I went to Target by myself Saturday afternoon to get trinkety things- a superheros DVD for Narls and a Carebears DVD for Em, some crayons & coloring books, flashcards and Little People, treats and a mouse for Snowmeow, and Clay went to Meijer after the kids were asleep to pick up their "big" present (fishing poles!) and some Legos for Narls and hairbows for Em (can I take a minute here to mention how much I LOVE the fact that my husband bought our daughter hairbows?  On his own accord.  What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man.).

After Clay got back, we drank some wine and sat on the floor and filled our children's baskets and stuffed little plastic eggs with stickers and bracelets and tiny dinosaurs and candy. We laughed over Easter stories of our youth and remarked about how much fun our kiddos are going to have in the Easters of their youth.

And it was wonderful.
So yes, add Easter to my list of favorite holidays.

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  1. I am obsessed with Holidays! Really, I am. My husband? Not so much. I blame it on the way he was raised, it makes me sad :( But I enjoy going above and beyond to make them as memorable as I can for Ayden. We've done the same thing with the baskets, using the same one for the last couple of years, a Buzz Lightyear one of course.
    Love the pictures, your babies are so adorable! Even the fluffy one ;P