Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coyote Joe's

Clay and I escaped for a much needed night out a couple weekends ago with our favorite couple. It was my first time wearing jeggings; I've barely taken them off since. How have I lived so long without them?

A self-portrait in the bar of a bathroom. Feel free to judge.

We went to a country bar. I had every attention of riding the mechinal bull that lives there.  But I spent too much time loving on Clay. And making fun of the people who did ride the bull.

It was a great night filled with cocktails and laughs and jokes and Taco Bell.  I'm sad I didn't ride the bull, though. Next time for sure.


  1. Jeggings are so comfy and seriously the best thing ever to happen to boots!

  2. Jeggings = Love. Idec if people judge, they're amazing. Haha, love the last picture.