Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine Goodies

These brownies were a complete surprise. My kiddos were particularly difficult to please one evening last week so I suggested we do some baking. Narls said he wanted brownies, which sounded good to Em and me, so I went to my trusted recipe.

I spied some mini marshmallows setting all deliciously in the pantry as I pulling out the ingredients for the brownies, so I pulled them out thinking maybe I'd add a marshmallow topping or something. Sweet little mini marshmallows.

We cut our brownies into hearts for Valentine's Day and it was Narls who said he wanted his brownie to have two hearts, so I thought, why not fill that second heart with the marshmallows? We added some sprinkles and dug in.  The result was heavenly.

I had no intention of making the brownies but I knew I was making some Valentine bark since the moment I saw it. I'm actually on a diet, which is of course when my need to bake intensifies, so I figured I'd make this for my coworkers.

I scoured a ton of different stores looking for strawberry candycorn and found it no where. I went to Target, Walmart, Meijer- all with no luck.  I even tried a speciality shop near my house and ended up buying some Valentine Jelly Belly's at the recommendation of the clerk after again having no luck with the candycorn there.  

I had to make a quick stop at Rite-Aid for Clay's Valentine card and that's were I spotted the Red Hots. Duh!  Red hearts? Spicy hot? Perfect for VDay.  And I actually think the cinnamon would be a better addition to the white chocolate than candycorns would be, even strawberry candycorns.  I haven't tried the candycorn version (yet), but trust me (and my coworkers), this stuff is amazing.

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