Friday, February 25, 2011

Adventures in Thrifting: The Fisher Price Edition

My brother and I had this exact record player when we were younger.
I have such sentimental feelings about this toy then I knew as soon as I saw it that I was buying it.  I did an actual squee when I got to the counter and found it was only $7.25. God bless you Goodwill and your half-off days.

Now my children are creating their own memories and this brings me a whole different kind of happiness.


  1. Oh my God, we had the same one when I was little! So jealous of your babies and their awesome record player. I would totally second the actual squeeing for that price!

  2. Who would give this to Goodwill brand spanking new!? I feel like it should be worth something. Either way, great score for your babies! I had one growing up that sadly got colored on and destroyed as it was passed from sibling to sibling. Such a great toy to have.

  3. Insanely jealous! I think this is the one toy I had growing up that my mom didn't squirrel away and keep like everything else! Amazing find girly! <3