Saturday, November 1, 2014

This Is Halloween. This Is Halloween.

In short, this Halloween season was the best.
We took the kids on their first ever haunted hayride (Narls loved it, Em not so much).
There were many an evening spent with candles and TWD and Beetlejuice.

We met up with friends at our town's Monster Mash family Halloween party.

And snuck in spiked hot chocolates for our annual trip to Crossroads.

Indulged on many festive foods & drinks.

And watched Em and her besties do a Halloween-themed flash mob dance at the Farmers' Market.

A friend and I bought (and stuffed!) 28 plastic pumpkins for our kiddo's second grade class party.

Clay and I spent Halloween morning jetting between our two favorite little people's Fall Festival classroom parties.

And then we spent THE COLDEST & SNOWIEST HALLOWEEN NIGHT EVER trick or treating. Seriously! In. the. snow. My fingers were froze despite being tightly clenched around a steamy mug of a caramel vodka hot chocolate so I only took two pictures that in no way even come close to the amount of snow that was falling. It was cold. And snowy. I can't reiterate that enough.
But fun. Oh, so much fun.

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