Saturday, October 11, 2014

I'm Not Above Bribery

Another season of soccer is upon us.
We kept Narls in the same team he's been playing for, per his request (which Clay and I are both thrilled about).  We're about six games into the 8-week fall session and unfortunately the Sharks just experienced their first loss last week. Their first loss after three seasons. They still have a remarkable record.
Narls' passing and dribbling and attention and knowledge of the game have improved so much. You guys, this kid is on fire. He's yet to make a goal though, so I told him if he scored in today's game, I'd get him the diamond mod pack for Minecraft. Now, I know nothing about Minecraft, only that my kid loves it and talks about this diamond mod pack obsessively.
His response? "I don't know how you'll do that since the technical launcher (huh?) isn't ready but I'm down." Um, what? It's not important because he then proceeded to play his absolute best. It was awesome to watch! Sadly no goal; not today at least. The offer is still on the table though and we have two weeks left.
Please have the technical launcher ready by then.  Whatever that means.

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