Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Commit to Fit

So September 1st fell on a Monday. I feel the best when the first day of the month is on a Monday, especially Back-to-Everything-September. It's like the stars align and the universe is offering you this wonderful fresh start. I took complete advantage of it and made a big commitment to getting fit. I took on very firm goals that I am confident I'm going to uphold for the next eight weeks.  They are:
1. drink 64 ounces of water every day
2. drink zero ounces - none, nada, not even a sip, of alcohol
3. work out every. single. day.
4. log 100 miles of walking/running/jogging
5. lose 10lbs of fat
And honestly? The past 28 days - four whole weeks - have flown by. I'm down 5lb, I haven't even missed cocktails, and I feel amazing. I've done some form of exercise - yoga, pilates, swimming, bootcamp, running, walking, sprinting up hills, lifting weights - every day for 28 days.  And it shows! I'm firmer and toner and so completely proud of myself.
I have a bunch of tools to hold myself accountable like my husband & a close group of friends for support & motivation, my polar heart rate monitor, but my favorite is my fitbit. I LOVE seeing days like this:
Wanna be friends? Add me.
We can cheer each other on ♥
Here's to the next four weeks!


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