Friday, June 27, 2014

Swing Batter Batter!

Narls' baseball season just wrapped up. 

Since May, Clay and I have had a ball game and/or a soccer game for both kids almost every single night of the week. It's been crazy.  And what's especially crazy? I've thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is Narls' first year playing in the 8 & Under division and it's super cool to see everything these kids have learned in teeball and 6U start to make sense to them. They're making plays and tagging runners out and throwing to first and hitting hard. 
They're playing like real ball players.

They have had great coaches, including Clay who was on the field every game, who taught them a lot.

Narls played a good rotation of infield, outfield, and even catching, my old position.

I think my favorite part about his games though, is just being there. Sitting in the field with sunshine on my shoulders as Em plays on the slide and Lainey and I watch our boys on the field.  The simpleness and goodness of it all. Before things like standings and RBIs and divisions really start to matter. Seeing Narls get an amazing hit and smiling as the first thing he does after he runs home is come out to me with the biggest smile on his face and ask if I saw it. Watching Clay throw balls to the team with his worn old glove, as soft as butter, and with this almost magnetic draw that pulls all their wayward balls right to it.  Feeling Lainey's tail wag on my feet every time she hears Em's laugh or Narls' yell. Getting waffle cones of superman at our favorite ice cream place on the way home, win or lose.

Those are the reasons I love these baseballs games so much.

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