Saturday, May 31, 2014

May's Favorite Things

1. wacky wednesday
2. Narls is a total bookworm just like I am. He begged for days to go to the store and get the newest Star Wars chapter book then read it in two days.

3. a cat being a cat
4. lainey girl, who waits for her boy's bus every afternoon

5. tiny tutus, for Em's recitals
6. all access to Lana Del Rey

7. Narls lost his fourth tooth! On the bus on his way home from school. Our sweet bus driver stopped the bus and got on her hands & knees to help Narls find the tooth, which dropped under his seat.
8. presents for our thoughtful bus driver to show our appreciation for helping our boy

9. last field trip of Narls' first grade year!
10. Clay's not-so-healthy but oh-so-delicious grocery shoppin' picks

11. our minis at girls' dinner
12. my handsome brother & stepdad

13. volunteering at the school bookfair
14. em putting in work

15. happy times
16. sharing all the chicken in my salad with this girl

17. a matching set
18. sunday mornings

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