Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Princess

Emerson Grace is five years old.
Even typing that sentence blows my mind.
She is the perfect mix of sweet and sassy and of girly girl and tomboy.
She makes us laugh daily and she truly is the apple of my and her daddy's eyes.

To celebrate her birthday, we threw her a princess party here at home.
We decorated in the colors of teal & purple and asked her guests to wear princess dresses.

The tiny princesses got crowns, wands, bead necklaces, and hairbows for their goodie bags.

Dinner was first, and it was a simple pizza party with fruit wands & carrots and dip; grape Gatorade to drink.

Then, surprise!, an unexpected guest arrived....

None of the girls knew she was coming so they were quite surprised.
And they had about a bazillion questions for her including
do you know the trolls?
why did you freeze Anna? IN HER HEART?
can we see your shoes?
did you know Hans was a bad guy?
where is Olaf?
can we touch you? please don't freeze us!
are you the real Elsa?
how do you know Emerson's mom?
can you come to my birthday???
They played games, sang & danced, painted faces, made wishes, blew bubbles.

Elsa even stayed for cake!

Em got lovely gifts,

and I think even the boys had fun.

It was truly magical.

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  1. This is amazing. I can't believe Emerson is 5, where did the time go!? I love that you and Clay work so hard at making so many special memories for your kids.