Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Most Expensive Free Kitten

(Click that link if you're in need of some major cute. Because I mean really.)
We've had him a few months now and he's rooted himself pretty firmly in this family's dynamics of two meh parents and two over-attentive kids and two other super odd pets and basically he thinks he's the king of the house.  So when he spent a whole day sleeping and seeming ... sad, as opposed to shredding rolls of toilet paper and repeatedly jumping on the kitchen table and purring incessantly at our feet, we knew something was up.
We took him to our vet and it was $700 worth of somethings.
Blocked urinary tract, kitty catheters, surgery and a 2-day stay at the vet, then three medicines and a $45 bag of prescription cat food.
That was super fun.
Ah, Pumpkin Pie.
Who knew free kittens would be so expensive?


  1. Our kitty, who we got in June, was free too and we named her Pumpkin. She came to us with ringworm and fleas so she was a costly kitty too. Your cat is beautiful.