Friday, December 6, 2013

Elf on the Shelf: Elfabit Victor Week 1 2013


Our Elf on the Shelf is back. He came the day after Thanksgiving and has been hanging around slash causing mischief ever since. I feel like the Elf is a controversial topic. Lots of people seem to have one, it's gaining popularity for sure, but I've heard complaints that he's creepy (he is) and is used to shame kids into being good (wait, what?) and that he's a lot of work for parents. I get the work thing, because it is a lot of working moving him from place to place and coming up with fun ideas and cleaning up any resulting mess, but this...

this makes it 100% worth it.
If you'd like to see where our elf has been or what he has done in the past, feel free to click here.


  1. Yours was the first Elf I ever became acquainted with, and I LOVE the idea. I think its a fun thing for kids to look forward to. Hell, every December *I* look forward to seeing what Elfabit Victor has cooked up. I hope that I'm half as creative when its time for Lexi to get visited by an Elf.

  2. I was surprised at all the grief thrown at the elves this year. I saw numerous complaints geared at "overachievers" who do the big spectacle instead of just moving it from one shelf to another. I feel like a big source of their negativity was with their own dissatisfaction with themselves. I do the little scenarios like you, and the girls almost cry the day after Christmas when they remember she's gone for the year. Don't get me wrong I totally dread December 1st. Its most definitely a pain in the ass but absolutely no questions asked worth it.