Monday, September 23, 2013

First Grade Open House


We recently attended the open house at Narls' elementary school. We met his first grade teacher, saw his classroom, toured the school. It was nice.
The classroom felt more homey than his kindergarten room, with a reading nook decorated with a lamp and a comfy chair above a fun rug.  I liked that.  Em plopped right down in the chair and looked through some Fancy Nancy books while Narls played with classmates and Clay and I talked with the teacher, who seemed personable and confident. 
Funny story about his teacher- a couple weeks ago at gymnastics, I mentioned Narls' name and the mom next to me immediately looked at me and asked if I was referring to the same "Narls" who has Mrs Pyle. I said yes, and she replied that she is Mrs Pyle's best friend and that she often hears stories about this Narls who says the most clever and funny things. Yup, sounds like our boy.

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  1. Please make him stop growing! He is getting so big! I can't believe it! He's so handsome, too!