Sunday, August 25, 2013

End of Summer Randomness

So we totally bought a snow cone maker.
And we've used it a ton this summer.
Pro tip: Add vodka to the adult's cones; it's magical.

Disregard Em's blackish eyes; she's on an experimenting with makeup kick and has yet to master the eye shadow application.

You know what's been on steady repeat in the Church house? Disney's Teen Beach Movie. My kids are obsessed.

The soundtrack has been on steady repeat in the car, as well. I feel like we should be much more embarrassed than we actually are stuntin' around town jammin' to Cruisin' for a Bruisin' but we're totally not. Weird. 

I think the biggest summer news though is this kid. Riding a two wheeled bike. Without training wheels. That's major stuff right there.


  1. Ah that is so adorable! I was just wondering today if I would like that movie - I loved the high school musical movies :)

  2. That snow cone maker is awesome! We definitely need one of those for next summer. The vodka idea is brilliant.
    How exciting that Narls is riding his bike without training wheels!
    Man, I am going to miss summer.