Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Losing A Tooth is A Big Deal

I mentioned that we had an amazeballs Fourth of July holiday, right? We've made it our tradition to see the fireworks on the 3rd, so we spend the 4th at home- grilling out, lighting sparklers, playing some Wii bowling before bed. And it was right during Narls' ninth frame that he realizes, hey my loose tooth just fell out. Panic and excitement ensues!

We've all been waiting for this first wiggly tooth to come out. Narls speculated that it was loose probably about six months ago (it wasn't loose at all), when a few of his kindergarten friends started to lose their teeth.  He's been anxiously awaiting the Tooth Fairy ever since.

He had one condition with this tooth though, he wanted to keep it. He has a jewelry Special Things box filled with first place ribbons and cool rocks and those plastic rings you get off birthday party cupcakes, and he wants his first lost tooth to reside in there as well.   Who are Clay and I to change his mind? We did mention that the Tooth Fairy isn't likely to leave a prize if she can't take a tooth, so Narls wrote her a letter.

His note: Dear Tooth Fairy, please do not take this tooth.  But still give me my dollars please.  
From: Narls  
PS I will give you a valuable gem.

A fair replacement, I'd say.

In exchange for his tooth the valuable gem, the Tooth Fairy left him a note, a glitter-covered dollar to spend, and a shiny brand new 2013 penny to save. There was fairy dust all over his pillow, too. He woke up a very happy boy.


  1. Aw that's so sweet! I love the fairy dust on the pillow idea! I remember when I was little, I asked the tooth fairy (aka dad) to leave me $2 instead of $1. Guess I was a big spender back in the day.

  2. Narls amazes me. He has a lucrative career and future ahead of him, I can already tell.

  3. The dollar glitter is too funny! What a good idea!