Sunday, June 30, 2013

June's Favorite Things

1. working out with britney
2. afternoons spent with my love

3. em's awesome makeup skills
4. a puppy who loves her kids more than everything

5. decisions, decisions
6. my boy's first loose tooth and the pillow we made to hold it (when it eventually falls out)

7. smuggling in cocktails to my kids' friends' birthday parties
8. my mini <3

9. the best thing about walmart
10. princess and superhero parade

11. the church cousins ready for vacation bible school
12. throwback high school jackets

13. embracing change, the best I can
14. meeting j. cole

15. selfies with the husband at the lantern festival that wasn't
16. kiddos born and raised in that summer haze

17. spending father's day at the zoo with a couple of amazing daddies, my husband and his brother
18. camel rides >>> pony rides


  1. OMG!! Your hair in pic #2 is phenomenal!!

  2. Such a cute family! I hope July treats you even better than June did!

  3. Your hair in picture two is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen! & who doesn't love sneaking cocktails, well, anywhere!

    xo. Kailagh

  4. Sounds and looks like you had an amazing June! Hope July is just as fun!!