Thursday, April 18, 2013

Follow Up

Today marks a week with my new boobs.

Surgery was Friday. Clay drove us the hour trip to the surgical center, and at 7am I was taken back to a cold, bright room. The anesthetist was warm and engaging, but that did little to ease my nerves. The last thing I remember was a story she was telling about her new puppy and then I woke up with a foggy head and a weight on my chest.  The surgery itself took less than a half hour. 

The first 48 hours were tough. The implants were inserted into my body through a small incision in my naval, making the entire procedure virtually scar-less, but as a result my whole core was affected. I couldn’t sit up on my own and walking was difficult. Luckily I had painkillers, which I only used the first day, and after two days the pain felt more like the aftereffects of an incredibly hard upper body workout as opposed to surgery.

The fourth day I went back to work, which was fine with my doctor.  I had initially planned on working from home, but it was necessary that I be in the office so I was and I was fine.

The pain is completely gone today, the seventh day. In fact, I took a shower by myself this morning; I needed Clay previously because I couldn’t lift my arms over my head to wash my hair. I still can’t raise my arms, and have been advised not to for the first three weeks, but I’m much more comfortable and less afraid to move my chest muscles, so I was able to wash my hair by lowering my head to side.

Later this afternoon I have a follow-up appointment with the surgeon. Besides observing how I’ve been healing, he’s going to show me how to begin massaging my breasts, a process that I’ve heard is much more painful that it sounds.

I got 275cc of saline inserted over my chest muscles and this has resulted in a gorgeous pair of boobs that I’m obsessed with. It’s difficult to say what size they are as I haven’t even attempted to wear a bra since surgery, but ultimately the size is a non-issue because these breasts fully compliment my frame. It’s only been a week, but I’m amazed at how much more proportional and self-confident I feel.

I can say with 100% certainty that this was the best decision for me. If you have questions, let me know; I am more than happy to answer. Also, I have before and after pictures that I will share through email or text if you're interested. I know how helpful it can be to those considering a boob job to hear firsthand accounts from those who have had one.


  1. Awesome! I am really considering a boob job but sometimes I have mixed feelings. I'm glad you love your new girls! :D I hope you heal soon too.

  2. So happy for you! I have sooo many questions as I am planning my own surgery so I will totally email you as I am fuh-reaking out! ;)

  3. Yay, you did it!! It's good to know that you're feeling better after only a week =)

  4. Ahhh! I am so excited for you. I'd love to see before after photos! I am really interested in getting a boob job myself but I have been a little on the fence about it. I haven't seen the navel approach yet, just the arm put and around the nipple.

    Glad you're healing nicely!!

  5. Yay Yay Yay! I am soo happy and excited for you! I got pretty much the same implant size when I got my boobs done a few years ago and I am so happy! The first few days/weeks can be hard, I thought I was never going to be able to do push ups or swim or drive again because I had virtually no chest/arm strength but almost 3 years later I barely even remember those days.
    Happy Recovery!!!

    1. I feel great and I'm itching to get back into the gym, but the I try to lift my daughter out of her carseat and I'm reminded that I have little chest/arm strength, just like you mentioned! It's worth it though ;)

  6. How awesome! I've never heard of them going through your navel! Sounds like it would hurt but so nice not to have scars. Yay for you!

  7. yay! that is so awesome and i'm glad you feel so great.
    i would love to see the before and after pics because i have considered them in the future possibly.


  8. I used to want them all the time. Now, at 34, I'm like should I really bother now?

    1. YES. I'm 34 too, girlfran, and trust me, they're worth the wait!

    2. I have to pay off debt first, but the idea isn't totally off the table.

  9. I'm so happy everything went smoothly and you are feeling better. From the picture, they look amazing. :)

  10. Through your navel?! That's amazing! I would love a boob job but I don't think it's in the (financial) cards for me ;)
    Looking good so far!

  11. I love those bosoms already :)

  12. I'm glad it went well for you! I go back and forth between wanting them and not wanting them. I'm so afraid of them turning out awful, even with the best surgeon. :O

  13. You make the surgery sound so easy! I've wanted new boobs forever but have always been afraid of the surgery. Wonder-freakin-Woman!!

  14. Hi there congrats on doing it! I've got a couple of questions as I'm thinking of doing to too..
    Would you have done it prior to having kids? I will be 29 this year but don't have kids yet... But really want them. (Kids AND boobs haha)
    What questions do you suggest asking the dr?
    Is this the first dr you saw? If so what made you choose him?
    Did you choose the size or did the dr reccomend?
    Would love to see some before and after pics!

  15. I don't know if folks are ready for the smoking hot "after" pics.

  16. So great of you to share your experience.
    It is something I think about every once in awhile so nice to be able to hear about it
    from someone going through it all.
    Hope the healing is going well.