Thursday, January 31, 2013

January's Favorite Things

Em's completely rational fear of Chuck E. Cheese.

January's Ipsy bag.

My boy's birthday dinner at his favorite place,

and my celebratory I've-Been-A-Momma-For-Six-Years-Now drink.

Nightly slumber parties.

Watching my baby brother's freshman basketball games (that's him shooting. he scored. he's awesome.),

and my girl's desire to cheer for Uncle Wooky, since there were no freshman cheerleaders.

Birthday parties for new friends,

and birthday parties for old friends.

Narls' spot-on observations.

Evening yoga classes.

Kiddos having fun at the circus (which is more than I can say for Clay and myself).

Awesome notes home from awesome kindergarten teachers.

Early mornings.

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