Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Reflections

Guess how many pictures I took during the month of November. 23. Twenty three measly pictures (I typically average a couple hundred a month). There are no pictures of Thanksgiving dinner and all of its amazingness. There are no pictures of my little family decorating our Christmas tree the weekend following Thanksgiving. I don't even know why. I've just been consumed with life, I guess.

Consumed with trying to make sure Narls is at school on time (promptness isn't my strong suit; my boy already has five tardies). Consumed with running Em to gymnastics on Mondays and Poms on Tuesdays and running Narls to karate on Wednesdays and rollerskating on Saturdays.  Consumed with Sight Words and homework and training Lainey and laughing at stories told during dinner and grocery shopping and drinking wine while watching The Walking Dead with my husband and sleeping in on Sunday mornings.

This is my only real post for November and that makes me both happy and sad. Sad because this is my place to look back and reflect and remember, and I haven't been the best at preserving our memories lately. I don't want November 2012 to be forgotten: laughing with my inlaws during our Thanksgiving dinner, sweet moments with my children, hilarious nights out with friends, romantic dates with my husband, decorating our Christmas tree together.

I'm happy, though, because I know it's because things are just so. good. So comfortable and warm and wonderful that I don't feel the need to get the feelings down on paper because I know this is how things will always be. I'll always be this happy. We'll always be this happy.

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