Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stay Home Day

Narls had another day off from school. I don't know what these teachers are doing with all their days off, but I salute them from the comfort of my couch while wearing comfy pants, because I did what any good mother has to do in situations like this: stay home with her kid ::pats self on back::.

Well actually we spent the day at the Children's Museum, which was surprisingly dead. Empty. Like the only other people in there were the employees. Never, in my five years of bringing kids here, have I been in this place when it wasn't crawling with people.

At first we were kind of spooked out by the lack of bodies and voices, but that was fleeting. I mean we could wear any costume we wanted! That never happens.

And the kiddos could drive the firetruck (one of the more popular activities) for as long as they wanted. Which was probably a good hour - they're like their dad, they like to drive. I sat shotgun, with my feet on the dash, snapping pics.

Yup, anxiously awaiting the next teacher in-service day :)

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