Saturday, September 8, 2012

Too Short.

Losing an entire set of people in a matter of days is ... shocking. I'm comforted by the fact that they had long, happy lives, and that they left this earth together, but it's still devastating.  Yesterday they were here, today they are not. 

Life is short. Too short. Even 75+ years might not be enough to do everything one wants to do, say everything one wants to say. I realized that I have to do those things now, say those things now.  Tomorrow is not promised to me, to anyone.

During MaryAnn's funeral I hugged someone I've barely spoken to since February. A woman who is an intergal part of my life, who I've missed very much, who I've lost seven months with.

I can't get those days back, but I can make sure that today and any future days I am blessed with are full of love, and of showing love, and of telling love. 

Life is just too short.

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