Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ren Fest Fun (or lack thereof)

Clay and I took the kiddos to the Renaissance Festival a few weekends ago.  Don't let their smiling faces fool you; they had a miserable time.  It was too hot, too dirty, the lines were too long, and Em was terrified (no exaggeration) of costumed adult there (and there were many), but she got her fairy wings and Narls got his sword & shield, and we were home in time for food & naps so all ended right in their world.

Last weekend Clay and I did as we should of done from the beginning and headed back without them. We met up with Clay's brother and his wife, and had a hilarious time. There are no pictures because our hands were full of beer and turkey legs, as adult's hand should be at Ren Fests.  Lesson learned.

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