Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tiny Dancers

Em just completed her first season of dance.
Have I mentioned how she came to be in this dance class?
It's a funny story.

See these three young ladies here? They're best friends.  Charlotte, Em, and Paige.  
They try and arrange sleepovers & playdates (parental approval is overrated), they comment on what the other is wearing, they talk about each other while they're apart. Oh, and have I mentioned that each is ONLY THREE? (I don't even want to imagine them at thirteen. Heaven help us.)


Charlotte's mom signed her for poms and she was so excited that she managed to talk both Em and Paige into taking it with her.  They even had it planned how Charlotte's mimi would pick up all three of them from their early preschool class and drive them to poms together.  

Luckily the first day of poms fell on Tuesday, when I pick up the kids*. I walk into Em's class and she immediately shouts "MUMMA I'M GOING TO CHEERWEEDING!"  I side-eye the teacher, she explains the whole story, I look back and my daughter's pleading face, and off we rush to the dance school, arriving 15 minutes late.  

*Clay golfs on Tuesdays and if he would of picked up the kids like he does every other day of the week, then this never would of happened. 

He doesn't consider cheerleading a sport.
(Let me know if you'd like his email address for much-deserved hatemail.)

I think these tiny dancers would beg to differ.


  1. Shame on Clay! Cheerleading is a sport of strength and endurance. Aaaaand they look good doing it. Not so much in other sports.

  2. She is so freaking cute! And Clay! Cheer leading is a sport! I'm a former cheerleader and I am offended! LOL!