Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good-byes are Hard

Today is Narls' last day at his home-away-from-home, 
the daycare center he's been attending since he was a baby.  
(And it was all pajama day, hence the jammies.)
He brought in timbits to share with his friends. His idea. I happily obliged.

This is the place where Narls has attended preschool and pre-k, where he's met great friends, where I've met great friends, where the caregivers and teachers have become our extended family...

I'm sad. 

But these boys? They're thrilled at the thought of attending kindergarten and meeting new friends and taking on this next big adventure. 

And they couldn't be better prepared.

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  1. I'm sad too. SO glad they had such good buddies all these years. Off to new adventures. First of many. They can do this... Can we?!