Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lainey Love

I feel fortunate to still be friends - really good friends - with the girls I loved in high school.  A group of us get together every month for dinner; we rotate houses and whoever hosts that month cooks the main dish, and everyone else bring a side/dessert/appetizer/drink etc, and we catch up and let our kids play and it's always the best time.  We've been doing it for years now and it's something I look forward to every month.

Well this month it was at my house and I made an amazing vegetable lasagna using fresh veggies, homemade sauce and whole-wheat noodles ;) and there was wine. Lots of wine.  It was a great dinner that turned into a long evening and I'm low-to-moderately buzzed and the kids are being silly crazy people running all through the yard & house and of course it'd be at this precise time that the shelter would call, saying they were dropping by for a home inspection, the final step in our adoption process of Lainey. 

Somehow we pass. 100% thanks to Clay and his patience and 0% thanks to me and my girlfriends as we avoided looking at each other so we wouldn't burst out laughing and bit our tongues trying to refrain from responding to the shelter lady's advice to "always make sure the fence gates are closed" while in the backyard and how a puppy "is a huge responsibility". (Really, tell me more about supervising and raising a puppy as I supervise and raise my children. Puppy adoption = serious business.)

And now we have a dog. Lainey Love Church, our 15wk lab doberman mix and the sweetest puppy you ever did meet. The kids adore her (Narls handcrafted his puppy mask to help Lainey feel at home) and even Snowmeow approves (from a slight distance).

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