Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 Preschool Recital

Narls graduated from his pre-kindergarten class last night, and he and his sister completed their first (and only, I'm sure) recital to commemorate the occasion. 

The recital. Oh, the recital. No words I have can properly express how ADORABLE this event was. You'll just have to watch these tiny clips and die for yourselves.

(Narls is the shortest one, second to the end)

(see the little boy in the middle? Em's the tiny honeybee on his left. She sees me at the end of her dance and waves!)

(Narls and Charlotte are the tiniest couple on stage)

(Em's the second girl led out)

I teared up multiple times, especially during the slideshow presentation and then definitely when the graduating class stated their names.

It's hard to believe Narls won't be at this center come fall.  He's been with these children and teachers since he was just a baby and they've become family. 

So bittersweet.

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