Sunday, April 1, 2012

Emerson's Mermaid Party

Finally! The party post! 

 Emerson's 3rd birthday party was so. much. fun!

 We had ocean jello with gummy fish, marshmallow pops, saltwater taffy, rice crisy bar "sushi", and goldfish crackers.


 For the craft, the kiddos made their own individual oceans by mixing together water, baby oil, glitter, food coloring, shells, sand, and glitter.

 My girlfriend Sarah made Em's amazing ombre seashell cake (that tasted as delicious as it looked!).

 Lots of presents... then a treasure hunt!


 (for this clue the kids found individual baggies of gummy sharks)


The kids absolutely adored the treasure hunt. It was so fun watching their expressions and hearing their thoughts on where the next clue might be.

Afterward we led Em to the front, where her gift from Clay and myself was.  A new bike! 
She was so excited :)

It was such a perfect day, and our girl loved every minute of it.

 All the kiddos did ♥

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  1. You did so awesome on the party set up! What a cute way to give them their accessories with a treasure hunt :)

    I <3 mermaids foreverrr