Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year Organizing & Decorating

We've only been home from Vegas for a few days and I've already got a bunch of stuff checked off my to-do list.  I'm a little antsy from being behind on my new year's resolutions because seriously, I live for new years - brand new starts, brand new goals, out with the old, in with the new - it makes my over-achieving heart sing with joy.  In my defense, there wasn't any way I was eating healthy or working out while in Sin City though. No way, no how.  So my new year officially started when we got home.

First up? My & Clay's bedroom.  We've lived in our house for over two years now and the master bedroom is almost exactly the same as it was when we moved in. We haven't changed the paint or the curtains or the closet, nothing.  We haven't put anything on the walls or bought new bedding, mainly because we still don't have a clear idea on how we want this room to be decorated and I hate to invest the time & planning only to change it when we decide it's time to officially tackle this room.

So I started with the closet.

This is a picture taken the day we first viewed this house, before we even put an offer on it.  Up until a few days ago, the closet looked exactly the same only with, you know, our clothes hanging. 

The first thing I did was make two smaller shelves on the very top as opposed to one bigger one (where I used to store all my purses). Now I have two rows for my shoes, which previously were sitting on a basic shoe shelf and most of them had to be laid sideways because the heels made them bigger than the shelf space and this drove my OCD insane. Absolutely insane.

Next, Clay & I transformed the left side of the closet with only one hanging bar to match the right side that has two hanging bars.  This move alone gives us a whole nother (not a word, I know, don't care) 25% more closet space. 

Then we rearranged the middle shelving to make storage for a few of my regularly used purses, my jeans, his jeans, his sweatshirts and then his hats.


After the closet was done, I went to work getting the bedroom walls decorated.  I've been thrifting for mirrors and interesting frames for a while now, with the intention of creating a wall gallery in our bedroom. 

I built up a nice collection. 

I got them all cleaned and spray painted gold, and now they're hanging pretty above our bed.

I found this cute decorative bird cage and thought it would make the perfect earring holder.  Up until now I've had all my jewelry in a standing jewelry box that I've had forever.  Since I was 16 or something.  And I've always loved it (it was a gift from my mom) but it's not very... pretty.  All the pretty pieces are hidden inside of it.

But not anymore. In addition to displaying my earrings, I also hung some assorted knobs and hooks on the bedroom wall to hang my necklaces from.

And I have a lovely dessert stand on my dresser that now houses my bracelets.

It's amazing how much better this room feels with just these small changes.  In the next couple months, I'd like to buy new bedding, new curtains, find or make a headboard, and paint my dresser a vibrant gold color. 

I'm still on the fence about the wall color but after two years the lavender has grown on me.  I would like to paint an accent wall a rich eggplant purple to give it some eclectic flair, and then I think this room will be officially done. 


  1. Ami I love love love it!

    Seriously, will you help me do something with my house?

  2. Your gold mirrors are so far beyond Ame! Looks great!