Sunday, January 22, 2012

Basketball Diaries

Narls was showing off his newly acquired dribbling skills to his cousin, who was less than impressed and offered up a few tips.  I can only assume that my son thought after two basketball classes that he knew all there was to know about basketball and was therefore highly offended by his cousin's unsolicited advice.

So he sulked off to emotastically spend some time alone. He decided to take his frustration out on the paper.

Em decided she needed to draw too.  Unfortunately I only had one writing instrument on me, and when I told this to Em, she started to voice this injustice.  Loudly.  Mothers of two children should have two writing instruments dammit!  Since we were at Clay's basketball game, and I didn't want to be the mom with the screaming kid, I did what I had to do: gave her my $15 MAC lip liner.  (It Taupe and I rarely use it anyway.  Luckily.)

Narls drew a detailed picture of himself dribbling.  "See mom. This proves I can dribble."  He's the one with the jersey number backwards 5 ("because I just turned five.").  Em has pigtails and is wearing jersey number 2.  Clearly.


Obviously I'm saving both masterpieces forever <3

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