Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas

This Christmas was absolutely perfect.

We celebrated Christmas with Clay's family the weekend before, we celebrated with my family on Christmas eve, so Christmas Day was entirely ours.

We relished the lazy day and opened our presents slowly while Clay and I sipped our coffee and laughed at our babies. 

(Narls' face is KILLING me lolol)

Every present was their MOST FAVORITE PRESENT EVER! and my heart burst into a thousand pieces over their sheer happiness.

My husband outdid himself with my gifts. I got soft leopard slippers and a coveted curling iron and oh yeah, A TRIP TO VEGAS TO SEE DRAKE (MY MOST FAVORITEST EVER!) PERFORM ON NEW YEARS EVE.  How did I get so lucky? His gifts, especially the electric razor I got him, paled in comparison lol.

We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and only changed out of our pajamas to go to a Hibachi Japanese steakhouse for dinner.  It was Narls and Em's first time at a restaurant of this style and at first they cried when the grill caught fire but then they quickly fell in love with the chef and the flare and omg our dinner was amazing and we decided we'll probably make this a Christmas tradition.

Then it was back home and back in our jammies.

And back to OUR TOYS!

Until we fell asleep, one by one, on the couch while we snuggled together watching The Grinch.

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  1. As much as I love our traditional family Christmas, I've always yearned for a smaller, less fussy day! Sounds like an amazing tradition!