Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Adventures of Elfabit Victor, Week 3

Elfabit's still at it. He's been into every thing from...

the bathroom,

... to the kitchen.

He's rolled with Santa...

...and played with Hulk, Buzz and Bumblebee.

It's been three weeks of shenanigans, and I gotta say,

... it's been tough keeping up with Elfabit.  
A lot tougher than I initially thought.

Thankfully he's kept the kids on their toes. Clay and I only have to mention the elf and their eyes dart nervously over to the shelf where Elfabit is sitting & watching (creepily watching, I might add).  It's an instant behavior improver. So it's worth it.  I think.

Only one week until Christmas. And I've never been more ready.

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