Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Hurr

I got my hair cut off a couple weeks ago. It was time. I haven't had it cut (besides the occassional trim) in years.  It was to the middle of my back. 

I've made the appointment to cut it about 13 times and each time I've cancelled.  I don't know why I was so hesitant- I've never been one to resist changing my hair.  Plus I like having short hair.

So I made the appointment and stuck with it. It's just hair. It'll always grow back.

And I love it.  I can still do it. I can still throw it in a pony. But it's short enough to keep a tease and a curl for longer than only an hour or two (something I was rarely able to achieve with my longer hair).  I only wash my hair twice a week anyway, but it's still cut my styling time in half.  Awesome all around.

Monday: washed & curled

Tuesday: side braid & side bun

Wednesday: twisted up with spinpins & clipped with a silk flower

Thursday: washed & flatironed straight

Friday: smoothed with a headband


  1. Gorgeous!! I really love Tuesdays hair, I wish I could do mine like that! Lol ;P Friday is hot, too!

  2. I love this! I remember your short and sassy from years and years ago. You can rock shorter hair amazingly well. <3