Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Deck the Halls

It is officially Christmas time in the Church house. Thanksgiving was awesome, the food was devoured, the dishes were done and put away, AND NOW IT’S TIME TO BREAK OUT THE ORNAMENTS. THE TREE. THE LIGHTS.

Confession- we never stopped listening to Christmas music. It’s been an entire year, 12 months, 365 days of The Grinch, Frosty the Snowman, and I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas. I made the babycakes a CD last winter and it’s never made its way out of the Edge. I thought I’d be sick of the songs when Christmas actually rolled around this year (I mean I was sick of them last January, of course I’d be sick of them come December) but surprisingly I’m not. They feel fresh and new. One of the many wonders of Christmas, I guess.

I have extremely enjoyed adding more traditional favorites back though, like George Michael’s Last Christmas and Nick & Jessica’s Baby It’s Cold Outside, all of which were on steady repeat as we decorated our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Every ornament is brand new and full of wonder for the kids.  They want to know the story behind each one- where did we get it? What does it mean? Can I hang that one?! My heart literally felt like it was going to burst of happiness.

I gladly answer their questions. I like remembering the history behind our decorations.  I think their favorite story is the one about their first christmas ornaments.  Mine is the story of our wedding.

We have every nook and every cranny decorated and sparkling and frosty. Fun snowman and dangling bulbs and tiny gingerbread man to attract the attention of my curious children and bring the warmness and coziness of the season into every room.

My god I love Christmas.


  1. Can I just say, I LOVE YOUR HOUSE. If I haven't told you already. :) So pretty and the colors. I even love the white/beige chairs. I remember some of those ornaments, geez time flies. I like the hanging ornaments from the light fixture. I'm planning on hanging some from the curtain rod in the dinning area. I cannot wait until we move into the next house next year.... wait, I haven't mentioned that? Maybe, I should update my blog!! lol. <33 ya & Merry Christmas.

  2. Everything came out beautiful. Your house is gorg. (almost as gorg as your kids). Love the tree & stockings, did you make the stockings yourself?