Monday, June 13, 2011

Teal Wall: FINISHED!

I cannot believe that I have not shared my teal wall.  It's finished and it's absolutely perfect.  I deviated a bit from my original plan; I just didn't like the vibe of the perfect square shape the frames created.  I wanted smoother and rounder.  So with the help of some of my girlfriends - who were invaluable with their suggestions, I removed a frame here and added on there and tweaked the layout to create a much softer oval shaped wall of frames. 

The finished layout is astonishing. I took full advantage of us being newlyweds and made my and Clay's love story - particularly our wedding - the focus of this wall. It contains photos and mementos that are special to us, while still coordinating with the colors and theme of this room.  And it's down in our family room, which is a bit more private than our living room.  Our front door opens into our living room so it's the first room guests see as they enter our home, and that room tends to be one of our main entertaining spots.   The family room? Well it's just that, our family room.  It's more personal down here, perfect for our most personal photos.   

The details:
- a dried rose from my wedding bouquet, a wedding portrait, some skeleton keys tied on twine, our marriage license and our last name initial

- a whimsy map and another wedding portrait

- a map of Nevada, where we got married (in our wedding colors even!) and a map of Michigan, where we live
- the four heart-shaped maps are locations of four spots where Clay and I have vacationed:
Chicago, Baltimore, Texas and New York

I know that I have said this before (probably a hundred times) but I absolutely love our home and how it is such an honest representation of our family.  I love the feel it gives and the stories it tells.  Just looking at this picture makes me feel warm and loved and complete.  Funny how something as trival as putting frames on a wall can do that.


  1. It turned out so amazingly well!

  2. The teal is a perfect background color for all those pictures. Really, the colors around the house seem to work with each other well, and all the paintings make the house a sweet home. It's a nice idea to have a family room separate from the living room - makes the whole area feel very personal and warm.