Sunday, May 22, 2011

Adventures in Thrifting: The Rescue Heros Edition

My town has an annual city-wide rummage sale that I majorly look forward to. This year? I skipped Narls' soccer game so I could garage sale. Now before you get all judgey, know that I pretty much had to- his game was at 10:30am and that's prime thrifting time. Plus, I'll be mom of the year when I show you what I found for him.

Rescue Heroes! Don't know what they are? I didn't either, to be honest.

I just saw this huge Rubbermaid tub with $20 taped to it. $20 was mighty spendy; more than I planned on spending on toys for the kids, but these guys - and there are at least a dozen of them - are so fancy.  They talk and came with all their pieces, like helmets and flashlights and hoses and other accessories. Plus they're so dang big! Easy for young hands to grip and hard for young hands to lose.

Once I found out it included this huge... ship thing, and that big... plane thing, I was sold.  I paid my twenty and loaded it up in the back of the Edge.  Turns out that ship thing is an Aquatic Rescue Command Center which is actually quite pricey.  And the plane thing is a Camouflage Jet that retails for $60.  So yeah, $20 was a steal.  Seriously, this is why I love rummage sales.

I'm so glad I bought it because my boy was overjoyed.  He helped me clean the toys and then we spent the rest of this beautiful spring day in our backyard. 

Narls played with his Rescue Heroes...


And Em serenaded me.

Such a perfect day.

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  1. Those are stinkin' awesome. Of course, your kids are pretty awesome too.